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S. Lerner gains flexibility and differentiation with an HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press


"With the HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press we can offer our customers innovative materials and a faster turnaround than they can get elsewhere."

— Doron Lerner
S. Lerner


  • S. Lerner wanted to expand digital capacity for a wide range of label jobs to meet customers’ growing needs for faster turnaround times.
  • S. Lerner needed to improve the quality of their labels and expand its digital media options for more flexibility and offer unique solutions to customers.


  • The HP Indigo WS6000 Digital Press and HP SmartStream Labels and Packaging Print Server, powered by Esko Artwork, helps S. Lerner gain improved reliability and print quality over previous digital printers.
  • S. Lerner installed the HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press with an Inline Priming unit to expand digital printing capacity and media flexibility.


  • With HP Indigo printing, digital has grown to nearly 30% of S. Lerner’s business, contributing significantly to the overall 20% growth since early 2010.
  • S. Lerner digitally prints runs of up to 15,000 linear meters (49,000 linear feet) on all the same media it uses for flexo, vastly expanding its flexibility.
  • S. Lerner gained new competitive differentiation with the ability to offer customers unique materials for fast-turnaround, high-quality labels.

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