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HP Colorfast Adhesive Vinyl


Product overview

HP Colorfast Adhesive Vinyl is a presentation-quality vinyl and has pressure-sensitive adhesive that sticks where you want it, for as long as you need it, without cracking or peeling. The white-matte finish makes your colors sharp and brings your photos to life with HP dye or UV ink supplies.

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Ordering information
» C6775A
HP Colorfast Adhesive Vinyl 36 in x 40 ft (914 mm x 12.2 m)
» C6777A
HP Colorfast Adhesive Vinyl 54 in x 40 ft (1372 mm x 12.2 m)


» Banners
» POP & Retail Displays


• Premium-quality vinyl
• Permanent adhesive
• For HP dye or UV inks
• Extremely waterfast
• White, matte finish


Recommended application surfaces: stainless steel, glass, aluminum, polycarbonate, Plexiglas, standard mounting boards, i.e. Foam Core. The product is designed for use on smooth, flat surfaces, and should not be applied over corrugations or rivets. Textured surfaces and wood tend to promote poor adhesion. Always ensure the receiving substrate is completely clean (free or dirt or nay residues). Proper contact of the adhesive to mounting substrate is very important. When applying vinyl to mounting boards, it is recommended that a cold roll laminator be used to give adequate, even pressure during application. If installation is going to be done by hand, use application tape and squeegee with adequate pressure. Do not use heat guns to install vinyl. Material should not be stretched during installation. This is a calendered vinyl, and it will shrink back to original size, which might cause edges to lift or create gaps between panels. For waterfastness resistance, use pigmented inks. Lamination is not needed. To give surface protection from dirt and abrasion, a vinyl pressure-sensitive over laminate is recommended. Heat activated laminates should not be used. Over laminating one side with too much tension can cause the product to curl toward the laminated side and the edges to lift. Let the image dry 24 hours before laminating. The adhesive is very aggressive and removable may cause damages to indoor painting surfaces. To increase the ease of removal, gently heat the vinyl with a heat gun to soften the vinyl and adhesive. The longer the vinyl stays, the more difficult the removal will be. If during the removal, adhesive transfer happens, soapy warm water and aggressive rubbing with a cloth should remove adhesive. For surfaces with more difficult adhesive removal, use solvents as isopropyl alcohol.

This HP large format media can be laminated for protection; however,use only pressure-sensitive laminates for best results

This HP large format media has an integrated self-adhesive whichcan be used to mount it to many substrates. Ensure the mountingmaterial is clean, dry and has a flat surface prior to mounting. Thismaterial is not suited for mounting to objects with rivets,protrusions or other surface imperfections.

HP Colorfast Vinyl is the answer to a traditional marking film. Great for vehicle graphics, decals, and other molded surface applications. It's easy to work with and flexible enough to conform around edges, curves and uneven surfaces. This material can be cut and applied like standard decal vinyl. The adhesive is aggressive enough to stick but when it's time to remove, it can be pulled off without surface damage -- often in one piece. It provides bright, vibrant, spot colors -- a great alternative to colored cut vinyl that can also do full-color photo! When used with UV inks, this material is water resistant and ideal for outdoor applications. However, with dye inks, it is necessary to laminate the print to protect it from fading and moisture. » Video loading help
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