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Large-format, Commercial and Industrial Printing Solutions

Muller Martini


Muller Martini

As a leading provider of print finishing systems, Muller Martini constantly sets new standards to support the graphic arts industry throughout the world with its innovations. Market trends are indentified early on enabling the company to develop and supply fully integrated, high-end finishing solutions in combination with high-speed digital printing presses.


SigmaLine interconnects prepress, digital printing and finishing in a unique total system and thus permits fully automated production from a PDF to a finished book in a single operation. The full automation of all of the components and the minimization or total elimination of changeover times enable shorter print runs to be seamlessly processed one after another.
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All printers and book manufacturers

An efficient solution for digital book production, which enables the economical production of smaller quantities to react to the continuing trend toward shorter run lengths

Digitally printed, perfect-bound products such as trade and specialty books, journals, educational materials or magazines among others, in quantities from classroom size runs to several thousand copies
Solution highlights
  • Intelligent networking of all sub-processes such as production data generation (JDF), digital printing, web sheeting, signature folding and collating, perfect binding and trimming
  • Integrated, continuous line control utilizing Muller Martini Workflow System "Connex" (JDF/JMF)]
  • Digital press fully integrated into "Connex"
  • Highest degree of automation enables on-the-fly job change and non-stop production
  • Industrial-strength design for multi-shift operation
  • Commercial quality end product exceeds graphic arts industry standards
  • End-to-end solution from Muller Martini

HP SigmaLine

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