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GP2/Schmedt PRÄFORM Type HHS 21


GP2/Schmedt PRÄFORM Type
HHS 21

PRÄFORM HHS 21 presses books and forms the joint after casing-in. GP2 is an authorized reseller of Schmedt equipment.
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Bookbinding, publishing and printing industries, and the graphic arts areaA machine to press books after casing-in and to burn in the joint at the same timeAll types and sizes of books, photo albums, and blocks with spiral bindings
Solution highlights
GP2/Schmedt PRÄFORM Type HHS 21
  • Designed for joint use with the PRÄLEG casing-in machine and SC-2 Autocase casemaker
  • Suitable for both one-off and multiple production
  • Adjustable pressure, heat, and dwell time adapt to the binding material used and to the joint depth required
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